Know your rights at protests and demonstrations

Know your rights and insist that the police respect your rights. Dissenting voices must be heard. Here is a link to a basic Know Your Rights Guide by the ACLU about your rights at demonstrations and protests. Referring to injuries and militarized police tactics at the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, this Guardian piece […]

Police commission calls for ban on blast balls

Crosscut discusses the Seattle Community Police Commission’s letter on blast ball grenades. According to the article, “This reporter was struck with a piece of an exploding blast ball on the face; it caused no injury.” He’s lucky; the article has a picture of a different reporter in the hospital after being struck by a blast […]

Video Shows Officer Misuse of Blast Ball, Contrary to Official Report

Interesting piece today poking a hole in some of OPA’s findings on blast ball use on May Day 2015. The report states that Contradicting an official report, video evidence appears to demonstrate that at least one Seattle police officer misused a “blast ball” flash bang grenade during this year’s May Day protest. The entire article, […]

Appeal victory: summary judgment reversed in employment case

I argued this case last June in the Washington Court of Appeals. My client, Sara Hartman, sued her employer under Washington’s Law Against Discrimination alleging that the YMCA (1) failed to accommodate her disability, (2) retaliated against her protected activity by implementing adverse employment actions, and (3) constructively discharged her by creating an intolerable work […]

SPD officer who used pepper spray at MLK march gets reprimand

Ansel Herz has this report on the Slog. The Slog says that the officer received an oral reprimand, which is a lighter punishment than a written reprimand. While the Office of Professional Accountability found that the “weight of the evidence showed that the named employee did not direct the OC spray at a specific individual […]